Rules of Play

Tournament Rules

Scoring Format: one net-best ball per hole

Handicap: every player must submit a handicap when registering (max 18)

Scoring Instructions:

  1. Two drive minimum for each player. No maximum (Par 4s and Par 5s only)
  2. Par 3s — play your own ball tee to green. Tee shots on all Par 3s do not count towards minimum drives.
  3. “One net-best ball” scramble. On Par 4s and 5s, everyone tees off. The team selects the best drive, and from that position each golfer plays their own ball and finishes the hole.
  4. Two putt rule—if your first putt is not successful, please pick up your ball. This will help with the pace of the tournament.
  5. Each player gets their appropriate strokes as marked dots on the scorecard. Only 1 net score counts.
  6. Please pick up your ball if your score is not going to count.
  7. Only the first hole-in-one on the qualifying Par 3s are eligible for the $50,000 cash prize.
  8. Immediately after play, return your scorecard to the Digby Pines clubhouse.

Event Rule:

Absolutely no alcohol is permitted on the golf course. Out of respect for the 130+ minor hockey kids who will be helping teams as caddies and volunteers, and enjoying a very special experience, no alcohol is offered or allowed during tournament play.